Sid Kathirvel / Strategic Growth Partner

Grown your business from seed to sapling? Let’s make it thrive!

Howdy🙋🏽‍♂️ I’m Sid, a senior marketing leader and a digital transformation expert. I work closely with ambitious founders and teams facing growth challenges.

Together, we’ll develop a strategic blueprint that mirrors your business ambitions—a playbook to ensure every initiative you take is a step toward your goals.

I bring my toolkit of diverse skills honed over 24 years. Through forward-thinking advice, hands-on support, and regular check-ins, I become your partner in elevating your brand authority, engaging your audience meaningfully, and paving the path to sustainable growth.

Imagine overcoming your challenges by blending strategic planning, compelling narratives, and standout tactics. I am that partner who commits to deeply understanding your customers and business model. We can unlock growth and make magic happen.

Turn that vision into reality. Let’s discuss how we can work together to help your business thrive.

Sid Kathirvel

How we can work together

Growth Strategy

Unlock your business’s growth potential with deep customer insights and tailored strategies for innovation and long-term success.

Growth Marketing

Scale up your brand’s influence through growth experimentation, compelling content, and tactics that make you stand out.

Coaching and Mentoring

Shape the future of your organisation with strong leadership and cohesive teams. Foster a growth mindset, collaboration, and excellence.

Digital Transformation

Streamline your MarTech stack. Embrace automation and data for peak operational efficiency and smarter decision-making.

Brands I’ve helped grow

Why choose me as your Strategic Growth Partner?

Versatile Expertise

Over 24 years, I’ve mastered roles ranging from web development for SMEs to leading marketing at tech companies and mentoring SaaS startups, offering a broad and adaptable skillset for diverse business challenges.

1-1 Mentorship from Pioneers

Insights gained from leaders at FanDuel, PayPal, Meta, Klarna, and Native Instruments have honed my strategic approach so I deliver best-in-class practices.

Customer-Centric Approach

I deeply value and prioritise your customer’s voice. I ensure that growth strategies are not only aligned with business objectives but also resonate with your target audience.

Technical Strategy Execution

My unique blend of strategic vision and technical proficiency as a full-stack marketer + developer ensures I can design and implement effective, accountable growth strategies.

Lifelong Learner

Including an MBA, specialised leadership and growth marketing programmes, and avidly learning from my peers, books, and conferences, I’m always at the cutting edge of trends and practices.

Hands-On Track Record

From pioneering early SEO to creating engaging content, my roll-up-sleeves approach and real-world successes (+ learnings) make me an invaluable partner in your growth journey.

The Process



Deep customer insights and market dynamics



Differentiation through positioning



Customer journey mapping



Messaging house development


Strategic Action

It’s action time