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Best Way to Sell : Scare or Help The Consumer?

I lost my debit card and had to walk into a branch of the Bank of Scotland to withdraw some money. The cashier took her time to verify my details and asked a few questions with regards to recent transactions. She then asked if I live in a rented or owned flat. I replied, ‘Rented.’ By then, I knew what was coming next: Household Contents Insurance!

I went through the usual, ‘No Thanks.’ She then said with great concern, ‘What if your flat was on fire? We can insure all belongings like your TV, Computer, Furniture, etc.’ I said, ‘My owner has got an insurance on the house and I don’t really have many belongings.’ The next thing that she said is what shook me, ‘So, if your flat was on fire, you will be able to replace all your belongings by yourself then?’ To this I nodded Yes and she turned out to be quite unhappy by the fact that I turned down her proposition.

Fear as a sales tool might have been great a few years ago, but not anymore. Consumers are not to be treated as idiots. I sell websites, ecommerce solutions, and marketing to various businesses. Never do I say to a prospective customer that their business might have to shut down if they did not trade over the internet! For some businesses, the earlier might be true, but to scare the customer is like insulting their intelligence. So, thank you BOS!

By Kathir Vel

An agile ebusiness & marketing consultant based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. ICT specialist with a MBA in marketing and strategy. Seasoned project manager with strong roots in advertising campaigns and film making. Loves photography and travelling.

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