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Facebook Instructs me to “Help a Friend” – Consider it done, Sir!

What’s wrong with Facebook!? I log into my page and see this on the right hand side menu.

Facebook "Help a Friend"I accept and understand that Facebook is a free service and no one is forcing me to use it, but the Help a Friend and Reach Out to Say Hi features sound a bit too strong. Help a Friend, in need of what? Friends!? Weird.

Do we control social media or does social media control us? Looks like social media dictates what we should be doing. Facebook used to have some stronger message like ‘…you should suggest friends for your new friend…’. Glad they changed it to something less strong. Hail Facebook! :)

By Kathir Vel

An agile ebusiness & marketing consultant based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. ICT specialist with a MBA in marketing and strategy. Seasoned project manager with strong roots in advertising campaigns and film making. Loves photography and travelling.

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