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Facebook Warning Signal : Keep Your Account Safe

Every now and then, Facebook gets a bit naughty and tries to push its limits. The recent image recognition feature that was rolled out without warning is one example. The following is a case that I’ve seen on both Facebook and Google. From time to time, visitors will see a page like this…

Facebook Keep Your Account Safe Low Protection WarningFacebook thinks that my account’s protection is low! In the RED :( Oh my God! I need to do something about this. What should I do? Give my phone number to Facebook. Yes! Yes! That’s how I’ll keep my account safe

In my opinion, Facebook is just hungry for personal information. They can’t stay satisfied with all the information that we’ve already given, and they want more. Yes, using mobile verification one can restore a hacked account and all that rubbish. The point here is the warning signal. “Your Protection (Red Bar) Low

While social media can be helpful and fruitful, we should also be aware of how much control they possess over our lives. I love Facebook for its core idea (bringing together your social network on the internet) and it’s for FREE! My only concern is the naughty tricks that they pull.

Just click on the Not Now link to bypass this splash page.

By Kathir Vel

An agile ebusiness & marketing consultant based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. ICT specialist with a MBA in marketing and strategy. Seasoned project manager with strong roots in advertising campaigns and film making. Loves photography and travelling.

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