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Mobile Text Scam – Claim 3750 for the Accident You Had

I received an interesting text in the morning. The text was sent from +447747436026. Following was the message :-

FREEMSG: Our records indicate you may be entitled to 3750 pounds for the accident you had. To claim for free reply with YES to this msg. To opt out text STOP.

Mobile Phone Text Message Scam

Clearly, I haven’t had any accident for years, and I knew the message was a bait. Some scamster was trying to get people to respond. The moment you send a response, you might be hooked into constant messages and charges. According to the message, you’ll have to send a txt message with STOP to get out of this con. In my view, just delete the message.

I post this here so that others might benefit from the knowledge. Imagine, someone who had an accident recently gets this text message? If they were probably expecting a call from their insurance company or accident claims solicitors, they might respond to this text. Even if a tiny percentage of the mobile users respond to this scam, the scamsters would have hit a jackpot!

Never respond to any such text messages, emails, or even phone calls. There is another scam where someone calls you from a number and cuts the call instantly. When you call back, the number is forwarded through a premium rate phone number you will be paying for listening to some rubbish tape playing on the other end.

If anyone’s got similar experiences, please share.

Update of more numbers used by the scammers:
07775480248, 07526372273, 07542068126, 07780197630, 07796476638, 07403576346, 07541734771, 07795212735, 07767830014, 07500750829, 07543026439, 07547529139, 07979206867, 07865936434, 07784275004, 07786208448, 07537402449, 07401849441, 07401727590, 07553034937, 07597622314, 07548062030, 07551368262, 07401460977, 07403150502, 07402272879, 07510800336, 07510820992, 07957427719, 07511435502, 07973149518, 07770671596, 07765248310, 07770498479, 07826405030, 07788103388, 07786206953, 07786838098, 07722811487, 07748386062, 07789350787, 07585321541, 07884405772, 07591297489

Image Source : Ken Banks