Do you know how London cabbies learn to count the change? Nintendo DS Brain Training helps the London Cabbies with math and teaches them to count! Thanks Ant and Dec, for letting us know! Yet another contrived advertisement from Nintendo DS/Wii staring ITV’s own, Ant and Dec. Click here for the first commercial.

Nintendo’s advertising campaigns are handled by Karmarama, a leading UK agency. Smart campaigns? Yes, but somewhat contrived. Consumers are not always stupid and they do not always eat the grass that agencies dump in front of them. Nintendo is trying to discuss the following issues through their advertising strategy.

  • Who says Nintendo can distract you from your professional career? Nintendo helps the cab driver with math and they are able to give better change! What were they doing before Nintendo DS was first made? Maybe they were giving us the wrong change all the time! They guy says, “We’re dealing with figures all day long.” I don’t think I’ll go get a job in investment banking hoping that a Nintendo DS will help me count! :)
  • Yes, don’t forget the family! In modern-day advertising, families need to be shown having time together. Thank the Nintendo, it has brought the cab driver’s family together! Nintendo seems to have succeeded at what religion is failing – family getting together. “To be honest, we all sit down and it brings us all together,” says the cabbie.
  • You better have a brain score. What? I am from a sane group, mate. I don’t need a brain score to prove my skills.

The Nintendo DS/Wii ads are working well for the brand and they are making more commercials. There is one where Ant & Dec go to a Weight Watchers meeting and make sexual gestures. Whatever maybe, Nintendo is surely selling more consoles than the rest. I know of a friend who recently got a console and said, “My Nintendo Wii is the best thing I’ve ever bought in my life!” That’s some real serious thing, after about 25 years of living on Earth.

Ant and Dec who host the popular show, Britain’s Got Talent have recently revealed a new show that’s coming soon – “Push The Button”. Anthony McPartlin (33) and Declan Donnelly (34) have taken a 10% pay cut and extended their contract with ITV for another two years. They have brought in some popularity for ITV’s shows and advertising revenue. ITV is paying £20 million to keep the duo. It’s the going rate for such stars it seems! At least, they come cheaper than Jonathan Ross who gets paid £18 million to spill rubbish over the respected British Broadcasting Network (BBC).