Would you like to meet Ant and Dec (of Saturday Night Takeaway)? I just overheard them say that they can’t wait to go out and meet real people who play the Wii! Wondering? Have a look at the commercial.

Parents hate it when their children won’t get off the Wii, Xbox, PlayStation or any game console. They always complain that their son or daughter is glued to the console and not getting out and meeting other kids. We all know the truth, don’t we? Gaming consoles have the capability to consume the player and alienate them from others.

Nintendo has launched a very smart campaign, using Ant and Dec. The TV advertisement is lively and thoroughly enjoyable. One view at it, and you start liking it! Ant and Dec lend their humour and style to make this advertisement, a success.

Notice the point where Dec says, “I can’t wait to get out and meet real people who play Wii, who play DS” and Ant adds, “Who are competitive as us, who are good as us”. This is a smart and subliminal message. Dec’s tone gets serious when he starts the sentence. This conveys the opinion that people who play on Nintendo are to be taken seriously and not as a slacker. Ant communicates the view that people who like them and their shows should be playing on the Nintendo Wii while at home and on the Nintendo DS while travelling.

Very effective message, packaged in a cute and lovable advertisement! Nintendo has recently been focusing on communicating the message that they bring people, families, and friends closer. This is a far better approach at marketing the Nintendo Wii and DS as compared to the rivals Sony and Microsoft, who just associate their brand name with the adverts for the individual games.

What do you think of Nintendo’s strategy? Share your comments about the Ant and Dec Wii advertisement.

Addition : – I’ve been asking around and most people seem to understand, the above mentioned advertisement is contrived. I’ve been a part of major ad campaigns in the past and know that celebrities don a wide smile and lie blatantly for the money they get paid. Nowadays I find more and more consumers aware of the same fact. Mass media has opened the eyes of the good old and blind customer. I seriously believe that such amateurish campaigns ruin the reputation of brands rather than helping it.