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Phishing, Fake and Scam Ads on Facebook’s Advertising Platform?

Facebook Ads Promoting Fake and Scam Websites

I started giving a little attention to the Facebook Ads that appear on the right hand side of their website. Something odd caught my attention. Designers Sunglasses UK by The Shabby Sheep? UK Designers Sunglasses by Monogram International, Inc? I clicked on the Facebook page links and they opened up fan pages that had nothing to do with Sunglasses! What! Wait a minute… I clicked on the ad title. Both the links took me to websites that looked exactly the same but with different business names.

The Shabby Sheep’s fan page:
The target website:

Monogram International, Inc’s fan page:
The target website:

I performed a Google search and read about various blogs that criticise Facebook for not quality controlling display ads that appear on their website. Facebook’s ad platform is not a newbie! Surely, by now they should have developed algorithms to root out scamsters? Maybe it is a temporary glitch in their advertising network? Has anyone else noticed such false ads on Facebook?

By Kathir Vel

An agile ebusiness & marketing consultant based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. ICT specialist with a MBA in marketing and strategy. Seasoned project manager with strong roots in advertising campaigns and film making. Loves photography and travelling.

3 replies on “Phishing, Fake and Scam Ads on Facebook’s Advertising Platform?”

Not only have I seen these scam ads on Facebook; but I actually fell victim to one. Seeing an advert on Facebook actually made me feel that I could trust the website in question; nevertheless it is a cleverly composed scheme, and I am yet to find a way of contacting Facebook to ask for them to remove the ad.

wonder why they don’t do anything about it…?? well, they get cash from the advertisers so why would they care. Certainly they’ll need to fix it at some point otherwise FB will be so full of spam it’ll be pointless to use.

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