Your Startup’s Second Growth Hire Should Be a Growth Marketing Specialist

Your startup is taking off. You’ve got your Fractional Chief Growth Officer (CGO) in place. What’s next? It’s time for your second growth hire: a Growth Marketing Specialist.

Imagine a team member who blends technical prowess with marketing savvy. Setting up experiments and optimising growth channels is second nature to them. They thrive in businesses where every day presents a new challenge. They are your Growth Marketing Specialist.

A Jack-of-All-Trades

Growth Marketing Specialists are versatile. They seamlessly switch between diverse tasks: conducting customer interviews, crafting engaging copy, and designing visually appealing landing pages. Need a quick CSS tweak? Done. Need a JavaScript fix? No problem. Their day might start with drafting an email newsletter and end with fine-tuning a lead generation pipeline. In between, they’d have collated and analysed the various data points.

The Technical Edge

Their background? Typically, they’ve started in an agency’s web development and digital marketing crucible. Now, craving a more focused endeavour, they bring their skills client-side. They’re talented in SEO, proficient in running paid ads, and creative in content creation. Even basic photo and video editing fall within their skill set. They are masterful at prompting and extracting the best from Generative AI to act as their virtual assistant.

The Rarity of the Role

Finding someone who embodies all these skills and the right mindset takes work. This rarity makes it imperative to start your search early. Searching and reaching out proactively to potential candidates is key. You want to snag your superstar growth professional before someone else does. Consider having an open role advertised on your website at all times.

Focus on Growth

Once on board, it’s crucial to give them space to thrive. Keep them away from the mundane—standard meetings and routine tasks. Let them focus on what they do best: running experiments and scaling successful channels. Their priority is growth, not bogged down by the daily, business-as-usual grind. Let them focus on growth along with your Fractional Chief Growth Officer, who’ll guide them with goals and metrics to target.

Scalable Growth

The impact of a Growth Marketing Specialist is scalable. You’ll see where to allocate resources next as they identify and optimise key growth channels. This might mean hiring more people to focus on these successful channels. It ensures that as your startup grows, your team does, too, in the most impactful way.

A Growth Marketing Specialist is more than a hire; they catalyse your startup’s exponential growth. Once you’ve laid the groundwork with a Fractional CGO, the next step is clear: Invest in a Growth Marketing Specialist. Give them the tools and freedom they need. Then, watch them propel your startup into its growth phase.

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