What’s Strategic Growth? vs. Business as Usual Marketing

Strategic Growth, what!? Why not just stick to regular marketing?

Imagine you’re on a road trip. You could just drive, following the turns as they come, hoping you’ll eventually get to your destination. Or, you could map it out, plot routes, and schedule pit stops. Sure, the open road adventure has its charm, but when it comes to your business, wouldn’t you rather ensure you end up where you actually want to be?

This is the essence of strategic growth versus business as usual. It’s the difference between leaving your market position to chance and deliberately crafting a path to success.

Let’s break it down.

Business as usual is comfortable. It’s safe. It’s doing what you’ve always done, and it works, until it doesn’t. Markets evolve. Customer preferences shift. Technologies advance. Sticking to the status quo can suddenly leave you lagging behind, irrelevant.

Strategic growth, on the other hand, is dynamic. It’s about setting clear, ambitious goals based on deep insights and aligning every action towards hitting these targets. It’s about sustainable, intentional, and measurable growth.

Think about it. Would you prefer growth that happens by accident, or growth that you’ve planned and strived for? The latter sounds more appealing, and significantly more controllable and predictable.

What Does Strategic Growth Involve?

1. Understanding Your Market Deeply

This means knowing not just who your customers are but what they need, what they love, what they fear, and how they behave.

2. Setting Clear Goals

What exactly do you want to achieve? More sales? Better brand recognition? Higher customer retention? Define it clearly.

3. Aligning Teams and Resources

Make sure every department, from marketing to sales to product development, is aware of the goals and actively working towards them.

4. Measuring Success

Set metrics that matter. Track them relentlessly. Adjust as necessary.

By contrast, ‘business as usual’ often ignores these aspects. It operates on a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. But what if it is breaking, slowly, silently?

Regular marketing throws out messages, hoping they stick. Strategic growth tailors messages based on analysed data, learned insights, tested strategies, and refined tactics. It adjusts and optimises continuously, and pivots decisively when necessary.

So, should you keep following business as usual, or get strategic?

The question isn’t just about choosing to grow but choosing how to grow. It’s about taking the wheel firmly in your hands and driving your business towards your chosen destination. It’s about being proactive, not reactive.

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