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Supercharge Your Website – eBusiness Tips For 2011 – Part I

How does your website support your business? Is it just a pretty thing floating there, up in the air? Is it a three volume novel where you describe each and every detail about your business? Or, is it the key player behind all your marketing activities?

The internet is constantly evolving and consumers are a lot smarter than ever before. February, Yellow Pages sent out their bulky telephone directories. Does anyone care? Not a single copy of the directory has been touched in my apartment and at least in three other apartments that I know of. What would you do, as a consumer, to find a decent restaurant? Would you spend five minutes flicking through the printed directory or just Google up the word ‘Restaurant’ suffixed by your locality name? Now, imagine someone looking for your products and services. Are you geared up to gain a new customer or lose them to your competitor?

It’s never too late to rethink your website and online marketing strategy. Majority of businesses wouldn’t have got it right, the primary reason being investment of money and time. A rock solid strategy requires a professional touch. Find an agency that can handle online marketing as a whole and not just a designer who is good at designing pretty layouts. A beautiful looking website is just the start of your ebusiness process. You need to promote the site through various online and offline channels in order to gain visitors. After you’ve got the visitors, you need to present them with relevant content and a compelling reason for them to buy your products or services. Through the buying and after sales stages, you must create a strong impression that will make your new found customer recommend you (reviews, word-of-mouth, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc.) to others. The same process will apply to the next wave of customers who will visit your website.

Remember, if you don’t do it, someone else will!

By Kathir Vel

An agile ebusiness & marketing consultant based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. ICT specialist with a MBA in marketing and strategy. Seasoned project manager with strong roots in advertising campaigns and film making. Loves photography and travelling.

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