WordPress Consultant & Developer in Edinburgh

WordPress Solutions Specialist

I design and build elegant, data driven, dynamic and easy-to-manage B2B and B2C websites using WordPress’ powerful content management system.

You could be a hairdresser needing a simple brochure style website or you might even be a travel agency wanting to display holiday packages and dates with booking and CRM (customer relationship management) functionality. In my 10 years of working on WordPress projects, I have built websites of all sizes – from simple business card types to feature-rich complex applications.

WordPress Responsive Web Design & Themes

A modern and smart design will make your business stand out of the crowd and make a strong impact. I use a blend of bespoke design, custom coding and readily available themes to create visually stunning WordPress websites. Mobile web usage has already overtaken desktop usage. Responsive web design has been established as a key ranking factor by Google. All websites I build are responsive – responds and adapts to all screen sizes.

WordPress Training & Help

Are you building your own WordPress website and require a helping hand? Maybe you had a web company develop your WordPress website and are now in need of training?

I regularly offer one-to-one and group WordPress training sessions in Edinburgh and at my clients’ premises. Setting up WordPress, installing themes and plugins, customizing themes, adding and updating posts and pages, using the media library, optimising the website for search engines and writing search friendly content are some of the tasks that I frequently get asked for help with.

WordPress Setup & Customisation

Are you struggling to setup and customise WordPress? You might be new to WordPress; heard great things about it and managed to get a web host to install it for you. It takes a while to get used to the admin and plugin settings and theme customisation options. Not only can I do the setup for you, but also teach you and explain what each option does to your website, theme and search visibility. Most WordPress and plugin settings are shipped with default settings. Customising them further will increase your website’s punch.

WordPress SEM (SEO, PPC, Social Media)

Getting yourself a WordPress website is half the battle won. You need traffic – visitors. That too, the right kind of visitors – the ones who will buy your products or pay for your services. Digital marketing is not rocket science. It is just a lot of planning, hard work and patience. I research, strategize and implement. I also monitor, gather data and analyse, so I can re-strategize. Through this process I team up with you to turn your website into a success story.

WordPress Support & Maintenance

A reliable WordPress support and maintenance package is crucial to the smooth running of your website. Think of it as a boiler care or homecare package. Your website can misbehave or break at anytime, and without any warning signals. Would you allow your business to be served by a broken website or get a professional to look into it and quickly fix it?

I offer support and maintenance contracts for business of all sizes.

WordPress Security

While the web keeps growing so are the nasty folk who are hell bent on breaking it. Some do it for fun, others do it for financial gain and then there are those who are not real people but robots trying to break your door. WordPress is known to be a very secure software. It is used by millions of website around the world. The good news is that the WordPress developers and community are continuously working to keep it secure.

I can help you run a security audit on your website and strengthen the areas that are known to be potential trap doors for exploits.

WordPress Hosting

Come on! Who doesn’t like fast websites? For a fact, Google loves it. There is a lot of science behind a good hosting package and a bad hosting package. WordPress hosting doesn’t have to cost the earth, but must have the right features to make the website work its best. I offer a wide choice of hosting options – shared, VPS / cloud and dedicated. Hosting prices start at £15 + VAT per month.

WordPress Integration

Do you use CRM (Customer Relationship Management), marketing, newsletter, billing, time tracking, payment, booking, scheduling, reservation and other systems? I am pretty good at planning and developing integrations for WordPress. Examples of integration include SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, Magento, Mautic, MailChimp, etc. If your system is on the web, I can most likely integrate it with your WordPress website.

More WordPress Services That I Offer

  • WordPress Installation
  • WordPress Updates
  • WordPress Plugins

Talk to me about your WordPress requirements.

No website project is too small or too large. I’m here to help. I offer development and consultative services for your WordPress website.