Mobile Text Scam – Claim 3750 for the Accident You Had

I received an interesting text in the morning. The text was sent from +447747436026. Following was the message :-

FREEMSG: Our records indicate you may be entitled to 3750 pounds for the accident you had. To claim for free reply with YES to this msg. To opt out text STOP.

Mobile Phone Text Message Scam

Clearly, I haven’t had any accident for years, and I knew the message was a bait. Some scamster was trying to get people to respond. The moment you send a response, you might be hooked into constant messages and charges. According to the message, you’ll have to send a txt message with STOP to get out of this con. In my view, just delete the message.

I post this here so that others might benefit from the knowledge. Imagine, someone who had an accident recently gets this text message? If they were probably expecting a call from their insurance company or accident claims solicitors, they might respond to this text. Even if a tiny percentage of the mobile users respond to this scam, the scamsters would have hit a jackpot!

Never respond to any such text messages, emails, or even phone calls. There is another scam where someone calls you from a number and cuts the call instantly. When you call back, the number is forwarded through a premium rate phone number you will be paying for listening to some rubbish tape playing on the other end.

If anyone’s got similar experiences, please share.

Update of more numbers used by the scammers:
07775480248, 07526372273, 07542068126, 07780197630, 07796476638, 07403576346, 07541734771, 07795212735, 07767830014, 07500750829, 07543026439, 07547529139, 07979206867, 07865936434, 07784275004, 07786208448, 07537402449, 07401849441, 07401727590, 07553034937, 07597622314, 07548062030, 07551368262, 07401460977, 07403150502, 07402272879, 07510800336, 07510820992, 07957427719, 07511435502, 07973149518, 07770671596, 07765248310, 07770498479, 07826405030, 07788103388, 07786206953, 07786838098, 07722811487, 07748386062, 07789350787, 07585321541, 07884405772, 07591297489

Image Source : Ken Banks

  • james

    my mother in law and brother in law both received this text message, but when it shows on phone its sender is listed as my brotherIL on my mother IL’s phone.

    how have they shown the text as being from someone listed on the receivers phone?

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      That’s pretty tricky ain’t it! They must have bought the phone number database from somewhere. Phone number databases come in all sorts. They might have family members’ names. The scammers must be sending out these messages using SMS Spoofing.

  • eclectnik

    I have just receivbed exactly the same message, same supposed amount of money but of course I have not had an accident, but this time the number was 07789 350787.
    I just hate these crooks!

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      Thanks for providing the new number the crooks are using.

  • V

    Just received absolutely same text. From number +447748386062. The funniest thing, few days ago I went to health centre regarding pain in ankle and about week ago had minor accident (just a tiny scratch). Coincidence?

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      Thanks V
      It sure is a coincidence! That’s what these crooks are banking on. Atleast 1 in a 1000 people will respond to the message!

  • JK

    by message was recived from 07722811487

  • http://kathirvel SWALK

    I also received this message but did not open it – simply deleted it but perhaps I should have texted STOP?
    It really gets my goat that these scammers just keep on and on making money this way.
    I get junk emails all the time but delete them if I do not recognise the sender – the old addage – if it seems too good to be true, it usually is tends to be the case. Ignore. delete and bin them, and as they used to say in Hill St Blues – let’s be careful out there!!!!!!

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      100% right! If it seems too good to be true, it usually is tends to be the case.

  • Dan woods

    i’ve had 2 of these in 1 week!- lost one number but the 2nd one was – 07786838098

  • Bex

    I’ve had two of these recently one from: 07788103388 and another from: 07786206953

  • JH

    Not sure that sending “STOP” is a wise move. That simply lets the scammer know that your number is active. It is just another part of the same baiting attempt. Best to delete the message with no response

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      Well said! Infact, the STOP message will cost a certain amount, I assume.

  • Mustangrm

    I just gotthe same message from 07826 405030. Only thing I did was delete it!

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      Best thing to do! Show them that you don’t care :)

      • Kim Kenobi

        Hi. I’ve been receiving messages with the subject FreeMsg@ for a few months and generally ignoring them. I realise through reading the posts online that it was when I responded to one of them that I started being charged. A couple of days ago I got a message saying “Hope you are enjoying MoneyOffs Mobile! This costs £2.50/week. To cancel just txt the word stop to SMS code 82443. For help pls call 08442903566 SP:WIN age 16+” from message centre +447802000332. None of these three numbers work, but at least by sending me this stupid message I’ve been alerted to the fact that I’ve been being charged for this stuff. My wife is encouraging me to get to the bottom of this and get back the money I’ve been charged in the last few months. Any advice about how to do that would be appreciated. I’ve spoken to my service provider and drawn a blank about how to proceed.

        • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

          As an individual case, you’ll probably never be able to get your money back. Mobile operators would blame it on you by saying that you were not vigilant. If they manage to track down the scammers, they’ll have some easy exit clauses. Best is to ignore them all.

        • Carla Teresa

          For Kim Kenobi – Jan 18 2011 – I got the same numbers.
          Try texting stop to 82344.

          • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

            No! Don’t reply at all. Just let them keep coming.

  • bobby

    I just received one about 20 minutes ago and sent “Stop”. Maybe it’s because I’d just got up, or was under the weather, or because I had a msg last week for a health fitness centre clinic and I actually phoned them up twice and told them to take me off their mailing list. Or because o2 now send all their bills this way. I feel so bloody foolish…

    the number is +44 7770 498479

    It’s made me wonder why my bills have been higher than usual.

    In fact, I even got a call in which a surgeon used my first name and was discussing a patient to my voice mail, I phoned back saying he’d got the wrong “bobby” and he seemed surprised and thanked me.

    A couple of questions:
    1/ Does this mean I’m going to be getting all kinds of spamming?
    2/ What can I do about it?
    3/ How much will they charge me for this “Stop”…a £1, £5…
    4/ Is it advisable to change my phone number?
    5/ And why do you guys post the numbers of these crooks?

    I’m wondering if I’ve been scammed before….

    • connie

      hello, so how much you have been charged? because today I just got the message and I reply to them –AID. so what I can do now

  • A

    Hi I have recieved 2 of these this week and I got a few of them a couple of months ago and just deleted them as i’ve never had an accident … the number that text me twice this week was +447765248310 … Im changing my number in december anyway so hopefully I wont get anymore…..

  • Marcus

    Add 07770 671596 to the list. I’ve blocked the number, deleted the message, not even going to respond with even a stop.

  • Ally

    I keep getting bible quotes 2-3 a day for some 4 weeks, i have not resonded to them just deleted them. 447973149518.
    Has anyone had this experience, is it a scam or just some religeous zealot who has got the my number by mistake?

  • me

    I’ received the same txt’s by 07510800336; 07510820992; 07957427719; 07511435502 for a couple months and just deleded all of them as I’ve read all here. (never reply)
    Many thanks

  • Timothy Lane

    Just received one of these so googled it to check it was a scam, which of course it is.
    The number they used to send the message was: 07402272879 and is call FREEMSG.

    Beware all!

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      Thanks Timothy!

  • Sunny Patel

    I just got the same message from +44 7403 150502 (07403 150502). what is spooky is that I WAS involved in a car accident recently and this got me thinking. Rather than replying back, I dialled the number – which of course was not answered but went to voicemail. Left a message for someone to call back (which I don’t think they will).

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      @ Sunny
      Looks like they are throwing a big net and hoping that someone might get caught in their scam.

  • http://none isabella

    Here’s another scam number

    +44 7401 460977

    and the message is:

    NHS charges means your family could claim back tens of thousands of pounds spent on care home costs. For details reply CARE now. To Opt out reply STOP

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      Thanks for sharing.

  • maria

    i have just received the same message from+447551368262, i did have an accident so almost replied, but decided to check it out on the internet first, so thanks for the advice and saving me a few bucks.

  • Lorrie

    I get this every couple of months but someone told me it still costs money to delete it. Is there any truth in that? I leave them in my inbox without replying and eventually the phone’s inbox clears them but I still am not sure if I’ve been charged as I haven’t checked my bills:(

  • Michael Hutchison

    I got one from +447548062030 twenty mins ago, going to go along with it and when they contact me again i will throw some F***S into them…..sure that it is not a premium no so will only cost a text, will leave a post letting you all know how i get on, wish me luck!

  • Cal

    Just received the accident claim text from 07597 622314 – how hard can it be to trace these people and close them down?!

  • M A Khan

    The Number is +447553034937:
    Message is:

    Thanks to your eye-opener website, I was really sure that it is a scam. Just googled the ‘FREEMSG’ and found your website, which further assured me.
    I did have the experience about scams, as one of my boss was scamed in past and he lost about 100 quid for this. Some one called him and said we are the mobile insurance company and you have bought a contract and we need your account details regarding your insurance plan. Unfortunately he did give them the details and he was deprived of 100 quid.
    Later when he called the Carphone Warehouse they simply denied and said we didn’t call you and it was a scam.
    I wonder how the scammer came to know that he has bought a new contract, and how they got hold of his details.
    So I would suggest everybody beware all scammers. Be sure before replying to anything which is doubtful. Especially don’t give you account details on mobile.

    Asad Khan

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      Thanks Asad.

  • Telboy

    4 more no’s to add, +447786208448,+447537402449,+447401849441,+447401727590, passed all details to Orange, my service provider using 7726 (text) to Orange spam dept, all phone providers should have this service, Av a nice day!

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      @ Telboy – Four new numbers! Thanks :)

  • Ranney

    Got the exact same message as everyone else. Thanks so much for website! I was sure it was a scam but I figured I would just quickly check to see if there was anything on the net about it before I replied.

    Add: 07784275004

    Thanks a lot!

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      @ Ranney – Thanks :)

  • Mike C

    Another number for the growing list +447865936434.
    I would love to be left in a closed room with these scammers. They would not be able to send any more of these malicious texts. Thanks for the info guys.

  • Laura

    Thank god for the internet. I had a car accident four days ago, thought this was suspect.
    Exact content as stated, new number to wary of: 07884405772

  • steve

    got one today thanks for posting the information heres a new number for you 07585321541

  • Lindsey Hearn

    Hiya I just received same text, number was 07591297489.

  • Sam

    received a phone call from a guy called Jerry from “UK Accident Help Line”
    the number he gave me was 02032877731 with turns out to belong to
    They say i’m entitled to £3000 and all i have to do is make up some lies about the accident and fill out a form that will be sent to me in the post. in the mean time, they ask to find out as much information from you as possible.
    hardly anyone answers the number, but when someone finally did, i questioned him, the guys abruptly hung up.

  • Rach

    07798979738 and message is “NHS charges means your family could claim back tens of thousands of pounds spent on care home costs. For details reply CARE now. To Opt out reply STOP”

    Delete the message.

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      Thanks Rach, for sharing this new / modified spam text message.

  • Lee

    Dont know if its been said but 07835782392 is the number i recieved today.
    Ive only recieved the new number and phone so straight i knew somethin were fishy.
    Dont be fooled guys n girls n keep posting numbers.
    Thell get cought soon, we hope :) peace to all

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      Thanks Lee. The mobile operators need to act on this scam.

      • Lee

        Your right my freind its not fair cus theres probz a fair few ppl txt away not knowing a thing, hopefully they know better than that :)

    • Lee

      Sry its +447835782392

  • Drew

    Just had the Freemsg about 3750 entitlement, another number to add to your collection.

    Keep up the good work


  • Sean

    Rec’d Freemsg about 3750 compensation this morning. Number used was +44 (0)7798979901.

  • Jo

    Also had this message today different number than listed so here is the one i received it from!

    +44 (0)7554 619323

  • r

    Just had exact same text from +44 (0) 7920824653

    If on Vodafone you should forward spam texts to VSPAM 87726

    Other providers should have a similar system

  • Bosshog

    just had same message from 07920824653

  • Dan

    I received the same text this morning from 07825 247678

  • J Grover

    I got one of these text from the number +447752956570

    • Tracey

      same message from no +44 7766621230

  • Megan

    Just got that exact message, looked it up and found your website. Deleting the message and reportin it to o2
    Add : +44 7542084157


  • Kev

    Just got one from +44 (0) 7721656231 with same text, I’m on Orange. I too have had an accident in last few months, but I know it was my own stupid fault ;-)
    So aside from kicking myself, there’s no-one to get back at.
    Thanks for the info.

  • Sandra Ridley

    how can i rid myself of freemessages. taking £2.50 a week from my phone. number given is a dead line 08442903566, text 82443. please help!!!!! Sandra

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      Force your mobile operator to stop it. Write a letter and also email to them.

  • lloydnoise

    just got a FREEMSG – 3750 text

    poss new number for your list:


  • Louise


    I received the “FREEMSG entitled to 3750 last night ( 1 Feb ,2011 ) mobile number 07510819520 – I replied STOP so hope I don’t get any more!


    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      Any luck with replying STOP? I doubt it…

  • Emils

    I had a message saying the same thing because I had an accident recently..i replied with what it told me and then i was worried it was a scam..after i sent the message i called the number and noone answered.what do i do now?

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      Check your phone bill. If you are being charged regularly, contact your operator.

  • danny

    07775132599 – texted me today with the same stupid message!!!!!

  • Tom Potter

    My wife has just had the same message on her pay as you go (tesco mobile).
    Have just deleted it.


  • Kirsten

    Hi, I’ve just received this FREEMSG again, it’s the second one. I don’t want to text STOP as I’m fairly sure it’ll just alert the scammer that my mobile no is in use, but I’m concerned i get charged for these texts?

    Text came from +447768463775

    Interestingly, I received a very dodgy call recently from someone claiming to represent a legal firm, who said that their records showed that our car had recently been involved in an accident and we could be entitled to claim compensation. She was very insistent that we had had an accident, despite my repeated assurances that we hadn’t, in the end I got quite shirty with her and hung up. I wonder if the texts and call are in any way related?

    Thanks for posting this thread, btw, it’s very very useful.

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      You won’t be charged if someone sends a text to you. Do not reply, not even to STOP.

  • Matt

    Just had the following text:
    FREEMSG: NHS changes means your family could claim back tens of thousands of pounds spent on care home costs. For details reply CARE now. To Opt out reply STOP.
    From +44 07775480248
    Can’t think how they got my number – I won’t be replying to it!

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      Matt: It’s not too difficult to get hold of phone numbers. Try this site and you’ll know how… Best thing to do : delete the message!

  • Kevin

    You can add +44 07526372273 to your list of numbers.

    Why don’t the mobile phone companies just block these numbers or is it (once again) a matter of the “human rights” of the rogues involved?

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      Human rights, maybe! Every human has the right to con / scam another. LOL.

  • Keren

    Just got the same message from +447542068126. I had a car accident about 2 months ago so very very glad I check out the internet first. Cheers :-)

  • kim

    thank you very much you save me a lot of troubles!

  • Andy Toseland

    I’ve just receved a similar text from +44780026832.
    ‘FREEMSG: Our records indicate you may be entitled to 3750 pounds for the Accident you had. T0 claim for free reply with YES to this msg. To opt out text STOP’

  • bill

    I have recieved the same text from 07780197630 & 07796476638 today 16/02/2011 It’s high time these crooks were hit hard

  • Helen

    I’ve just receved a similar text from +447541734771

  • Monika

    I did get two messages like that: the first one was from: +447403576346 and the second from: +447541734771.

  • tori

    I’ve just received a similar text from +447795212735. Nothing is ever for free but in hard times people could be enticed into scams. If I’d had an accident I might have thought to reply.How did they get my number?

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      It’s easy to harvest mobile phone numbers…
      They’ll shoot it to tens of thousands of people and hope that a few of them might be enticed. That’s enough for them!

  • Liz

    Just got the exact message that was in the post from phone number +447767830014

  • Andy Berrington

    I just got one from +447500750829

  • JohnM

    Same message here from number 07543026439

  • Leanne

    Just got the same message from 07547529139

  • HU

    Received exact txt today (28/2/11) from 07979206867.

  • HU

    Received exact txt this morning (28/2/11) from 07979206867. I tried to call, using my office phone, as I do not know where the txt came from. It rang and rang and rang beofore going dead. I hope it has not cost my employer.

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      Ideally, it’s best to delete the txt and forget about it. SMS spamming can work through virtual phone numbers.

  • Chris Culshaw

    Same insurance scam message from +447541730815. Is it wise to text STOP or will that just confirm a valid mobile number?

  • Ted

    i got exactly the same from 07781474708

  • El hadji

    i hav recive also this kind of messag but i would like to know more about.

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      What more do you wish to know!? Just delete the message.

  • A Scott

    I Have just had the same SCAM – phone number 07526308016

  • Alex

    Can’t we report these number to a “fraud service”? Do you get charged by replying STOP? 0752636660

  • Virginia

    Hi, I’ve just received a similar text (Free Msg; Our records indicate you may be entitled to £3750 for the accident you had. To apply free reply CLAIM to this message. To opt out text STOP).

    The phone number used was 07548061601 (received it on March 11th 2011 at 12.40pm).

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      @Virginia Thanks for sharing

  • TJ

    My mum received one of these earlier today (from 07783792338), and she responded with the “STOP”. Is she going to get a hefty bill for that (she’s on O2)?

    Interesting that you say “077 numbers are charged as premium rate numbers by the Three network” – my O2 mobile number starts 077 and is definitely NOT a premium rate number…

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      @TJ – 077 being charged on the three network might be old news. Not sure if she’ll get a hefty bill. I haven’t sent a reply myself. Would be kind if you could share what happens in the bill. Most cases they’ll charge a £3 or something. It’s like a premium text service.

  • jumper

    Add this to the list… 07864917038
    The exact same wording.

  • Paddy

    07864917105 got one from this number

  • melissa

    add to the list 07552976822!! cheeky t@*!s i’ve just had to put a claim in for something too, nearly replied!

  • Mobile Scam

    Just got that text message from 07597650079

  • anonymous

    07597650086 here one i got today with this number

    Free Msg; Our records indicate you may be entitled to £3750 for the accident you had. To apply free reply CLAIM to this message. To opt out text STOP

  • Michael

    Just recieved this txt from 07548060010. I have deleted it.

  • JohnGo

    Just received it from 07554583895

  • Steve

    Exact same text from 07548014935. Not had an injury.
    I am TPS registered & exdir so it’s probably from outside country, also had similar as UK claims via my landline relentlessly asking for the ‘gentleman of the house’ , another is JR research.

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      Thanks Steve

  • PhilN

    Just receive the following :- “FREE MSG: our records indicate you may be entitled to £3750 for the accident you had. To claim for free reply INJURY to this text. To opt out reply QPTU

    Beware folks, definitely a scam – I have not been in an accident but could be if I find the so and so’s who are clearly preying on the weak and vulnerable.

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

      Thanks for adding the new text message they are sending out.

  • ChrisJ

    Just had the same from 07526300287. Turned my caller ID off and tried to call – got voicemail.

    AAAAAAARGH – I hate things like this.

  • justina

    i had the same msg yesterday and i did not know what that was because me and my husband had a accident 3 years ago and it got me thinking and like another same gay sad when in money crices that is good news so ,i replyed but i never checked the credit and than they called me back 3 times,but now thanks to you gays a know now.

  • c

    spammer 0775912589


    Thanks for the info. I had the text message from 07526309455

  • crodo



    • Anonymous

      I got the message once again from 07526308614.

  • Eniger

    I’ve just had same text today, Free Msg; Our records indicate you may be entitled to £3750 for the accident you had. To apply free reply CLAIM to this message. To opt out text STOP
    The number is 07599 659288

  • AV

    Received from +447599641351 today. Thanks for your helpful post.

  • Claireblankley02

    Thanks for the info folks – just had one from +447599641337

  • David

    Just got one from 447840399165

  • Sir Lol

    TJ, My number also starts with 077, and originally it came from Vodafone. It’s just an ordinary mobile number. I think Kathir needs to check his facts out before making sweeping statement about a number range being premium rate.
    By the way, I ported my 077 number to ‘3’ last year. There don’t seem to be any special charges associated with it.
    I have received the £3750 text a few times though. I just delete it every time.

  • Smash


  • Ed

    Another number for the accident claim scam 07591221707


  • Sgjolly91

    ; thank you for the information just looked this up after receiving a text this morning stating exactly that same thing, was a great help to me :) ! The number that this message was from was 07500366041!

  • sunil

    another number for accident claim is +447591258993

  • Jack

    Got one today from this number: 07503021851

    I just deleted it.

  • David

    Had text a few times, from number +44 7526 309492
    Free Msg; Our records indicate you may be entitled to £3750 for the accident you had. To apply free reply CLAIM to this message. To opt out text STOP

    Who should I, or can I, report this to?

  • MrsG

    Just received same message from +44 7867812802
    Our records indicate you may be entiled to 3750 pounds for the Accident you had. To claim for free reply with AID to this msg. To opt out text STOP.

    Horrible people!!

  • Alli

    another scam number to add +447592544234

  • guest

    Same scam – 07541705683 @ 31/03/11

  • Anon

    Also this number 07541 705661

  • Roger Todd

    I’ve had the same message three times now, so you can add this number to your update of numbers: 07541705654

  • A Ward61

    Just had exactly same message from 07548 018565. Thanks for the warning.

  • Genie_vivi101

    Just received same scam text message today from number – 07541700163

  • Gary

    07548018551 – recieved today 01/01/2011 – same message as above

  • Sduffett

    Same msg +447548018570

  • Nospam

    This message originates from the offices of now – I hounded one of the numbers they spammed my phone from untill someone answered. The third time they answered they spoke to me and told me they were from some fictitious company. They had welsh accents. When I phoned early in the morning they weren’t there but the cleaners were and they told me the address!

  • Sallystockley

    had message today phone number 07717722716

  • Black

    o2 knows what’s going on!. greed, corruption and immoral management…..all this will lead to the fall of o2 mobile network.

  • E Ace

    Another one – 07541706558

  • Denis-the-menace

    SCAM number – 07703577554. They phoned me twice today after i got the “FREEMSG: Our records indicate you may be entitled to 3750 pounds…” text message. They hang up after i told them that i’m going to complain to the trading standard authorities.

  • Jen

    Same scam number +447881793994

  • lolla-x

    just got one myself just now

  • Guest

    Same thing today from +447591265441

  • Caroline

    I got one 1hr ago +447591268759 same message as above

  • Krivine

    Just got one from 07591265398

  • Xerianna

    Other half got this today! Thankfully we hadn’t done anything until a net search could be made- thanks for this info!

  • Grumpy

    Just had this one, number given was +447526307907

  • Ucs

    another number +447526307854 today 6th Apr 2011

  • SameHere

    Same msg from 07517 198278

  • Yorkshiregoddess

    i had same text from 07775988854

  • P D

    Just had one very similar, message says.

    You have still not claimed the compensation for the recent accident you had. If you still wish to claim then reply CLAIM or to opt out text stop

    Number is 07526307893

    • MD

      Had this same message from 07934232540

    • Jay

      Same message as yours: 07597420467

  • Craigyarbles

    also from 0759123133, I got a phone call on my landline from the scammer, sounded like he was on Mars from the echo on the line

  • Mandy Obrien


  • guest2002

    update from another number. 07522068124

  • Bob

    +44 7548 037514 or 0758037514

  • Anon

    Just got one today.

    Have added new number and sorted your list in numeric order. Nothing like giving something back to such a useful public service…

    07401 460977
    07401 727590
    07401 849441
    07402 272879
    07403 150502
    07403 576346
    07500 750829
    07510 800336
    07510 820992
    07511 435502
    07526 300024
    07526 372273
    07537 402449
    07541 734771
    07542 068126
    07543 026439
    07547 529139
    07548 062030
    07551 368262
    07553 034937
    07585 321541
    07591 297489
    07597 622314
    07722 811487
    07748 386062
    07765 248310
    07767 830014
    07770 498479
    07770 671596
    07775 480248
    07780 197630
    07784 275004
    07786 206953
    07786 208448
    07786 838098
    07788 103388
    07789 350787
    07795 212735
    07796 476638
    07826 405030
    07865 936434
    07884 405772
    07957 427719
    07973 149518
    07979 206867

    • Anonymous

      Wow Thanks! Much appreciated! :)

    • Kally

      Mine today came from 07549357997 – good riddence to them !

    • Aa

      Mine was from :07763627581
      07763 627581+447763627581grrr

  • Jill

    Same msg from

  • Starry

    Just had the same sca, ,essage from +447526307287

  • J T Furry

    I got it from +44 7591 217294

  • Jim

    Another number to add to the list: 07526-307854.

  • Chris

    Exact message to my mobile this morning 13April2011 from +44 (0) 7526307435
    Deleted this f*****g spam!

  • Waz

    I have received this msg this morning from 07501836022

  • Gladrags

    Received same message from 07770438859. Was at a friends at the weekend and they got same message – glad I was there as they had had an accident and were going to reply!

  • Jim

    And yet another new number: 07591-222347

  • JayJee

    +44 7508032794 just deleted it

  • C c

    Please add 07984347161 (+447984347161),
    but I’m only entitled to 3450 pounds!

  • Guest

    Same text from number 07775356919

  • Andy G Morris

    I’ve just had the same message from 07522455370

  • Azargled


  • Cowbutt

    Almost the same message today (CLAIM instead of YES) from 07855221640

  • Abc

    I just got more or less exactly same text from 07513245366 – couldn’t find the number on the usual searches, but found this post and sounds dame to me.

  • Yesideez

    I replied CLAIM back in order to find out who this was. Few days later (today) I received a phone call from a woman thanking me for replying to the text and wanting to take tsome more details from me. I pretended to be careful of being scammed and if she could confirm the company and website and it belongs to these guys:

    Compensation Claims

    They are a part of Paragon Ltd. and if you want their website, company name with on the end.

    I’ve reported them to the ICO and forwarded on all information I have and have even lodged a complaint with the company in question. I did receive a reply back pretending not to know anything and I’ve emailed back asking why the woman thanked me for the text and was ready to take more info from me. Yet to hear anything back.

    They’re fishing for hopefuls. So many people on hard times chances are they’ll make a lot of cash on some cases where they can make some money back on a case or two.

  • Guest

    07955957123 on 28/04/11

  • Rob-k

    Just had exactly the same from +44 7541 314782

  • Forcefpower

    Got one this morning too. 07548030737

  • noob

    you can add 07767009478

  • Guest

    new number 07824650761

  • guest


  • Graham

    And same from 07516205774.

  • Sfgty

    Got a message today identical to that of the one detailed above, number was 07516205721

  • AnnoyedBySpamTexts

    And now you can add 07516306894 to your helpful list. Clearly, if they are actually operating from the UK as a business (as Nospam’s reply suggests), then the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) could step in and shut this scam down… assuming the Coalition government hasn’t found a way to axe OFT in their budget cuts, that is.

  • AnnoyedBySpamTexts

    One follow-up thought though–don’t telephone operators (mobile and landline) recycle phone numbers? Especially if these are pay-as-you-go disposable numbers, then some poor sap is likely to pick up a discarded number on the growing blacklist and get hit with complaints.

  • Baldeep

    +447544424744 sent me one too.

  • Mdconsultancy

    I replied “Claim”, waited for them to call me and then asked them to hold while I went to fetch a pen, works a treat they were still waiting 5 minutes later!! If everyone does this they will waste so much time chasing flase claims they will surely go out of business

  • Gareth Axford

    and another: 07541706686

  • Mumsboys

    Fed up of receiving these texts. Add this number to your list 07516351385

  • JezJ

    +447526382510 today (10/5/2011) – Our records indicate you may be entiled to 3750 pounds for the Accident
    you had. To claim for free reply with CLAIM to this msg. To opt out text


    just had this too on my phone 19:25 10/05/2011 number 07542006121

  • Blubbedey

    This is SO ANNOYING! We’re getting these calls at least once a week, we’ve told them a million times to stop calling and texting us, and it’s just been going on and on.

  • guest.campbell

    May 2011…


    • Eric

       I also get from this number couple days ago the same scam!

  • Guest


  • Jouge0829

    I recieved same SCAM today from 07415189568

  • Ed

    I just got the message from this number 07415189568

  • Richard

    list of number’s i’ve received this message from in the last two months. not checked to see if they’re duplicated anywhere else on this page…
    7786 8127937979 4045247526 3071657548 0600107591 2911807747 1194357855 5084347855 4998097516 3514397543 0136507548 0433417864 349368

  • Stephen

    Another number: +44 7 810 706 088

  • TV

    Got similar message offering £3850 from +447516307222 on 13/05/2011, asking reply CLAIM or STOP. Add the number in the list. 

  • Test

    Just had message from them.

  • Kthenry07

    Got the same message there and I am glad i decided to check it out on google to see if it was a scam.  I actually had an accident about 2 years ago and am still awaiting compensation for my injuries, so could have been foolish and thought it was the company i applied for compensation through.  Thankfully my wits came to me and realised there was something very fishy about the message.  Hope these scammers get their comeuppance.  

  • tolga

    I just had a text from them and as I was busy at work I text “STOP” for them not to send any more texts as it said on the message. I have called them on my land line number it goes to tmobile answering service. I hope nothing happens… there is the number 07759781324 ….. thanks

  • Aidan Whitehall

    Just had same from +447933531454 /07933 531454

  • Btimes4


  • HT

    07592 529752 

  • Guest

     Two messages – 17th and 19th May – +447427 118 661 and +447592 529 754 – first one offering £4700+ and second £3650! Thank you for the posting!!

  • Guest

     07503818413  ~ 19th May

  • Natalieveale

     Got one this morning (23/5) offering 3890. Mobile number +447961141413

  • Co-op

    Hello. Our records indicate you may be entiled to £3950 for the accident
    you had. To claim for free reply CLAIM to this message. To opt out text
    STOP. Thank you.
    From 07548032157 today at 14:40

  • Bob


  • Valcare

    Hey, I replied claim and couldn’t wait for them to call me….they called the next day, the girl said

     “I believe you want to make a cliam” I said “I do, I do” ” What for” she repied, “Amesia” I said…..”Amesia” she asked, I said “Yes Amesia, because according to your records I have had an accident and I cant remember abloody  thing about it……what exacley happend to me anyway?…I couldn’t it,  she hung up on me, she must of thought I was wasting her time or….I was wasting hers :-)  

  • Debs

    I just received my second one in a month today – number 07543 012 575

  • Ny


  • Guest

    I just received a text with a different message basically saying “Our records indicate you still have not claimed compensation for your accident.” This message was sent by the number – 07522069049

  • Guest

    I received a similar message today, 31/May/2001 at 15:47 from +447526372434
    “Free Msg; Our records indicate you may be entitled to £320 for the accident you had. To apply free reply CLAIM to this message. To opt out text STOP”

  • Paul

    I received a similar text message and thought if I just deleted it, it would be ok. I kept receiving them, so I spoke to my network provider who advised me to reply STOP. Every message that I received was unbelievably chargeable!! I ended up with a total of more than £20 in charges. This was my experience so I would not just ignore it. Beware!!

  • Sbarnet

    I kept calling and calling no answer for days until one guy with a Birmingham accent of Asian origin responed adn said the same rubbish then put the phone down forever.

  • alex

    +447526382505    i got the message from this number, what i want to know is how they got my number as i never give out my mobile number

  • Phil

    Text Message sent 16:56 01 June 2011.

    ‘Hello, Our records indicate you may be entitled to £3750 for the accident you had. To claim free reply CLAIM to this message.
    To opt out text STOP. Thank you.

    • Tom

      Same msg from +447415193653
      I instinctively replied STOP and as I pressed send I realised what a fool I’d been. I’ll update when I work out what the consequences will be.

  • emily

    got one from 07548031924

  • Lucas

    +44 7961 141021

  • Guest

    +447541720184 – 02/06/2011 text message: “FREEMSG: Our records indicate you may be entitled to 3680 pounds for your Accident. To claim for free reply with YES to this msg. To opt out text STOP”

  • noah

    They keep sending me these messages and it makes me angry. They always say £3750.
    Numbers: 07516306418, 07516304840, 07543012780. And a new most recent message said: “You still not claimed the compensation you are due for the accident you had. To claim then pls reply CLAIM. To opt out text STOP”; this came from number 07759782941.
    I’m never going to respond ever cause I know it’s a scam so they should stop it now!!

  • Aubrey Shaw

    had same message as above just deleted it but kept number it is 07548059186  is there any way  we can find the id of these scammers 

  • Alex

    I received the same message from 07548037462

  • IHateSpam

    Another one – +447522065353. Deleted the message – let’s see what happens next!

  • Laura

    Hi there, I have at least one text a week from these scams and have alwasy just deleted them, but you do feel like calling/texting them just to tell them to P*@@-OFF.  Anyway here is the most recent number 07591 296817

  • Elaine Loon

    Just got the same thing from 07548 058 819

  • Claire_f_e

    I got a message from them a while ago though I don’t have the number to
    hand as I deleted itright away. I got another message on June 2nd
    offering £3650. The number it’s from is one that isn’t here –

    Is there anywhere we can report this to? It’s such a pain. I’m thinking of asking advice from the telecoms department of OfCom, though I was wondering whether anyone knew of somewhere more suitable

  • Code Ph0y

    07522493858 Addition to the numbers provided

  • showady

    You have still not claimed the compensation you are due for the accident you had.  To claim then pls reply CLAIM. To opt out text STOP.  This was from 07522075540

  • Anon

    New scam number recieved today…..beware of – 07591296357

  • Sueblastock

    i receive several of these annoying texts about having a car accident the funny thing is i dont drive not now not ever have text them bac once to p**s off but didnt work the latest number is *447591221908

  • Lucyorca

    I got one today saying i can claim 3950 pounds which ever word u txt u still will be charged :(

  • Kyle Needs

    I have been recieving this text a lot lately. The one i recieved today was from 07591268044, last month I recieved the text from 07759781382.

  • Ht

    07934 232 2654

  • Temp

    Latest message:

    “Hi. You still have not claimed compensation for the accident you had and you may be entitled up to £3650. To find out more reply ‘CLAIM’. Thanks”
    From: +447548056640

    Previous messages received from:

  • sherif

    If it helps – I have three more numbers that have sent me this same message – couldn’t see them here so here they are..


  • Kally

    Mine today came from 07549357997 – good riddence to them !


    Hi I have just been caught with a large bill from Orange.They know all about this scam but didn’t contact me at all .It seems I pay One pound fifty everytime they call me. I haven’t got a clue as to what I am supposed to have paid for and I did delete them but The first one I might have looked at.At no time was aI told to text STOP until today

  • Guest

    I have one from 07934271070

  • Charlotte Rice

    I received a text today from 07596922893 similar message just an offer of £3250 – would like to know where they got my mobile number from

  • Vaskor

    Jane-Lester – don’t text STOP – talk to PhonePayPlus (, which is the Government regulator for premium rate services and is free to complain to. In the past, I have spoken to them regarding premium rate texts I never subscribed to, and I was eventually compensated for the costs charged to my phone account by the companies who sent the messages (or by other companies who were irresponsible in allowing them to send unsolicited premium texts).

  • Vaskor

    I wonder if it is worth using to find the mobile network the phone numbers are linked to, and contacting the network to find out the organisation sending the messages (companies are not subject to the Data Protection Act, so they should not have any excuse for witholding this information) and/or terminating the accounts for sending unsolicited messages.

  • Auntierowrow

    Hi – another number joins the huge list +447768420716

  • David Winter

    Mine came today from +447596940676

  • Xbay

    07810546326. I wonder how many of us are android users, these type of txt’s have gone into overdrive since signing up to the google service.

  • Anon

    Same message from 07879 132120

  • p*off!

    few more numbers for you 07541912843 and 07596915046. These numbers have text me within a few hours of each other! 

  • Mentrox

    I received the same text but with £3250 instead

    It was from the number 07770457063

    This has never happened to me before it feels so invasive!

  • PD

    Hi , I receved a message from +447825391229 saying “FREEMSG: Our records indicate you may be entitled to £3250 for the
    accident you had. To apply free reply CLAIM to this message. To opt out
    text STOP”

  • Ant

    I was particularly interested to find this page, as I am in a position touched upon by the author. I had a pretty serious accident approximately 12 months ago whilst on holiday in Brazil which left me having to have 2 operations and 4 months off work (with countless other lost hours following that period for pysiotherapy / hospital appointments etc). Around the time of returning to work (last September) I enquired with several legal firms into making a compensation claim – all of which came back saying something along the lines of ‘you have a good case, but it would fall under Brazilian jurisdiction, and as such would be extremely difficult to follow through’. So, I gave up hope. Then, this morning I received this text. Perhaps one of the companies had reveiwed my case and were willing to take it on?
    But then…. why would a reputable legal company contact me via text? Hasn’t it been left alone for a bit too long (11 months)? And why would they have the CLAIM / STOP option?
    So, I decided to dismiss it, but out of curiosity googled the scam and stumbled across this article. I just wanted to share with you the perspective of someone who has been in an accident, but, ultimately, I think it’s (reasonably) unlikely anyone with a bit of common sense would be sucked in. I would imagine the scammers earn more from people tesxting ‘STOP’ back to them rather than the actual ‘CLAIM’ option with people not wanting to be bothered. It’s the sort of thing that I could imagine my Dad doing, in the hope of getting some peace and quiet.
    By the way, the number I received the text from was +44 7549 324 563

    • Anonymous

      @Ant : Thanks for the comment

    • Brian

      From +44 7428 305714
      FREEMSG: Our records indicate that you may be entitled to £3750 for the accident you had. To apply free reply CLAIM to this message. To opt out text STOP.

  • Erghspam

    Same message, new number – 07596906843

    • Janet Dear

      07428119460 is also sending out same message.

  • Cheese78

    Just had one now from:


  • Trap

    Is it any mobile provider in particular? Because my whole family recieved this text at the same time today

  • Rickwinf

    “FREEMSG: Our records indicate that you may be entitled to £3250 for the accident you had. To apply free reply CLAIM to this message. To opt out text STOP”

  • Guest

    Latest number: +447759760943
    Free Msg: Our records indicate you may be entitled to £3750 for the accident you had. To apply free CLAIM to this message. To opt out text STOP

  • Scoop7774


  • Isko1990

    I responded to this msg and it took my 25 euros :(

  • Piersky

    I just got one,  the number is +447833141883

  • Markdd

    I received a text Text from +447790224908  Sent 16-Aug-2011 12:38 which read :
    ” You have still not claimed the compensation you are due for the accident you had. To start the process please reply YES. To opt out text STOP ”
    I remember reading last year of a similar type of scam. If you respond to the text it can cost you a lot of hard-earned cash.
    Spread the word! I have already informed the authorities.

  • Jurgitsukas

    Mine today came from 07938552287

  • Anonymous

    I received the same message this morning from: +447776298328

  • ewew

    the same message received this morning from: +447776298328

  • Ivo

    New number  07552 992564

  • Guest

    Add +447546703169 to that list. Same message, but for £3650

  • Guest

    Latest number: +447596925576

    Free Msg: Our records indicate you may be entitled to £3750 for the accident you had. To apply free  reply CLAIM to this message. To opt out text STOP

  • Scout83

    07790224369 on 11-08-2011
    You still have not claimed the compensation you are due for the accident you had. To start the process reply YES. To opt out text STOP. 
    I replied saying STOP followed by something else I don’t care to repeat. Then today I got another text from a different number;
    Our records indicate you may be entitled to £4000 for the accident you had. To claim  free reply with CLAIM to this msg. To opt out text STOP

  • Abcdef

    Another number ….same hoax …07596926223

  • Yuri23

    New number: +447856174130

  • K Confusios

    Another number…..
    07938 438339

  • Najtfeery

    Just got one as well, +447790802446 ..

  • 123

    +44 7855 621244
    That number text me that exact message. I knew it was a scam and just searched it which lead me to this site

  • Guest

    Latest variant received today:

    DEBT HELP:Records show you maybe eligible to lower your debt repayment to an affordable level, and maybe have upto 75% written off. Reply DEBT for info, or STOP

    Received from +447938742858 / 07938742858

  • N1cola88

    I have just received this message from 07855604931

  • Guest

    New variant received from +447513407577 / 07513407577

    Due to new legislation, records indicate that you are eligible to lower your monthly payments and maybe write off up to 75% of your debt. Reply DEBT for info.

  • Blackflower Zebra

    I just got this message 30 minutes ago and thought it was very suspicious, i deleted it straight away, Thank God for that! Thanks for you help!! God bless you.

  • Hardstone

    Same text from 07900279969. “FREEMSG: Our records indicate that you might be entitled to £3750 for the accident you had…”
    The interesting thing is that I had an accident in my flat just yesterday and I phoned some maintenance companies to get quotes. Thanks God I found this post. Otherwise I was going to fall into their trap.
    I’m now wondering if they have a man inside one of those maintenance companies.

  • L Guest

    I had 2 messages in the space of a week from different numbers saying “you are entitled to £3750 for the accident you had”. Haven’t text back of course. I then had another text saying “you are still entitled to £3250 in compensation from the mis-selling o@8220febe79a3b16e16374d7c606e0f6e:disqus  PPI”. Stupid mobile scammers.
    Here are the numbers – +447517198453, +447596906770, +447938703719

  • guest

    07928911617 is another number

  • Tiger_lover_xox

    Latest number: +447763627096Message:Free Msg: Our records indicate you may be entitled to £3750 for the accident you had. To apply free CLAIM to this message. To opt out text STOP

  • Ken

    I got one today. From 07763627092. If everyone who receives this complains to The Office of Fair Trading on 08454040506, the Offcom people who deal with privacy on 0800500212, phonepayplus on 0800500212 and also your service provider and report the scammers number, they can build up evidence and may be pressured to do something about it.

  • Guest

    just had one off a new number not on the list 07415112677

  • guest

    07956331579 text me. Interestingly i’ve NEVER had an accident!!

  • Merophmarh

    Hi! I received the same message today, but from another number:00447763627196.
    My mobile provider is T-Mobile. How could we get rid of these scammers?

  • Guest29

    I just recieved this message from+07763627394
    Is there any way that this can be reported as fraud? I would also be interested to know how they got my mobile number as i’m very careful with allowing my details being shared with third parties.

  • Lizax

    Another number for you – 07415112677

  • Ron

    I regularly receive text messages concerning the “accident” and others concerning being sold “insurance”. Both are from reputable companies – not scammers – but both are illegal according to UK law. However, finding these people is another matter. The Information Commissioner’s Office is taking action to prevent these companies continuing this irritating business, but it will probably take years before it is implemented.

  • Guest

    I’ve received the one about a personal injury claim as well, but also received a text about being mis-sold insurance protection – I’ve texted stop a few times, but they kept coming, so texted `claim` and then asked to speak to a manager when they returned my call. Apparently it was a firm called Money Return Ltd, I asked about the PI text messages and was told they sent a lot of different text messages out including ones relating to PI. Told them it was tantamount to harrassment when I had already asked them to stop and they promised me to remove my details from their system. Customer service telephone number is 01254 685630.

  • Andrew Thompson

    Another one for the list: +447979292369
    FREEMSG: Our records indicate you may be entitled to £3750 for the accident you had. To apply free reply CLAIM to this message. To opt out text STOP.

  • Attishu

    Latest number +44776362701

  • Df

    078580508 is another number, got one at 12:13 on the 16th October 2011

  • Luxrama


  • Inoxio

    FREEMSG: Our records indicate you may be entitled to 3750 pounds for the
    accident you had. To claim for free reply with YES to this msg. To opt
    out text STOP. from : 07428898117

  • William Wilks

    ANOTHER NUMBER TO ADD +447763629264

  • Volpone

    Mine was from 07414591284… And honestly I got afraid, since just half an hour before I received the message I was sent a letter saying that I was under an investigation because I had not a TV licence payed… I do not even got a TV, and my phone is in my hands since a month or so… I am an Erasmus student in Scotland, tha’s why I got so nervous… These kind of things in another country make people feel desperate, in my opinion… Can’t imagine how many students as me are paying these things…

  • Guest

    Free Msg: Our records indicate, blah blah blah. I usually just send an obscene text message back or tell them I’ve reported them to ofcom etc and have never been charged

  • Myles12

    i just got exactly the same thing.. lols i have been hit by a car, so thought wtf….. but it was years ago and my phone isnt under my name so straight away i thought it was a lil dodgy :) 

  • W00kie

    +447402755647 same message

  • Injury Compensation

    These types of scam are very strange as before opening any message we don’t know that our personal information is leaked or hacked.You should always be aware of these types of situations because sometimes this create lots of problems for you in future.

  • Patmacrae

    My message was: URGENT! Our records indicate that you may be entitled to £2750 for the accident you had. To apply for free reply YES to this message. To opt out text STOP. Sender: +447873561285

    No, I haven’t had an accident since I fell down a cliff about a year ago, for which I could blame no-one but myself! 
    Thanks for confirming that this is a scam. Evilevilevil.

  • Inners2000

    +447864891135 another one to add to the list

  • Anonfromuk

    They illegally send out spam text messages regarding personal injury claims in order to data mine.
    They then sell the leads to companies like CONSUMER CLAIMS LTD who then contact people to get the details.
    They in turn sell the information to SOLICITORS.
    They send spam text to any phone including TPS registered. This is breaking EC Privacy laws

    Here are the directors details.

    companycheck co uk list number as 07788818979

    Mr. Gerald Epstein
    2 Parklands
    Devisdale Road
    Bowden Cheshire
    WA14 2AT
    Mr. Mark Philips Simkins simpkins
    Tel 01625 524320

    Mr. Richard Barlow
    21 Elmwood Lodge
    Parkfield Road South
    M20 6BD

    Mr. Timothy Andrew Berry
    The Coach House
    Lodge Lane
    WA4 4HP

    Some numbers they use but this is not all by any means


    Some of these con men are directors of many companies registered at the same address.
    Timothy Andrew Berry seems to be thre ring leader.

    LeadX Limited
    Lynnfield House
    Church Street
    WA14 4DZ

  • guest

    Hi, I just got the same text from  07427766520, just to warn others.

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel


  • Yvette

    having responded by  STOP  – what do I do next to make sure they dont use all my money on my pay as you go phone?   Help please

  • Guest

    I have got it from +447908611737

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel


  • Funnellr

    Accident spam text received today from 00447867397432. Have reported to Ofcom, Vodafone and phonepayplus.

  • Anthony

    They are back.  At least, back to accident claims after months of PPI related spam texts.  Received on a TPS registered phone today from +447501062468 / 07501062468

    “URGENT: We have been trying to contact you regards your recent accident; you could be due up to £5,100 in compensation. Reply CLAIM for info, STOP to opt out.”

  • Arxidia

    Got the same message from 07707224763. Please add 07707224763 to the list. 

  • Ray Cooke

    new number and new Accident value only £3350 for my accident
    +44 7544 515825

  • Garbagedisco

    07926854594 another for the list



  • naim001

    Motorcycle accident Claims

    Some regions in the UK are popular as
    motorbike accident hotspots in the UK. Though most of these
    words of mouth that spin into fictions, originally stand on truths, there are
    places in the country that statistical reports tell apart as safe and unsafe
    for motorcycle riding. The figures are scandalizing in the south-eastern zone
    of the country. London stands second with the maximum motorcyclists being
    Londoners in the UK. South-west and West Midlands are other accident prone areas wherefrom we receive a large
    number of clients. A multivariate analysis of the motorcycle accidents that are
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    the cases we’ve handled during our career. We understand the insecurity of
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    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel

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