Mobile Text Scam – Claim 3750 for the Accident You Had

I received an interesting text in the morning. The text was sent from +447747436026. Following was the message :-

FREEMSG: Our records indicate you may be entitled to 3750 pounds for the accident you had. To claim for free reply with YES to this msg. To opt out text STOP.

Mobile Phone Text Message Scam

Clearly, I haven’t had any accident for years, and I knew the message was a bait. Some scamster was trying to get people to respond. The moment you send a response, you might be hooked into constant messages and charges. According to the message, you’ll have to send a txt message with STOP to get out of this con. In my view, just delete the message.

I post this here so that others might benefit from the knowledge. Imagine, someone who had an accident recently gets this text message? If they were probably expecting a call from their insurance company or accident claims solicitors, they might respond to this text. Even if a tiny percentage of the mobile users respond to this scam, the scamsters would have hit a jackpot!

Never respond to any such text messages, emails, or even phone calls. There is another scam where someone calls you from a number and cuts the call instantly. When you call back, the number is forwarded through a premium rate phone number you will be paying for listening to some rubbish tape playing on the other end.

If anyone’s got similar experiences, please share.

Update of more numbers used by the scammers:
07775480248, 07526372273, 07542068126, 07780197630, 07796476638, 07403576346, 07541734771, 07795212735, 07767830014, 07500750829, 07543026439, 07547529139, 07979206867, 07865936434, 07784275004, 07786208448, 07537402449, 07401849441, 07401727590, 07553034937, 07597622314, 07548062030, 07551368262, 07401460977, 07403150502, 07402272879, 07510800336, 07510820992, 07957427719, 07511435502, 07973149518, 07770671596, 07765248310, 07770498479, 07826405030, 07788103388, 07786206953, 07786838098, 07722811487, 07748386062, 07789350787, 07585321541, 07884405772, 07591297489

Image Source : Ken Banks

  • Merophmarh

    Hi! I received the same message today, but from another number:00447763627196.
    My mobile provider is T-Mobile. How could we get rid of these scammers?

  • Guest29

    I just recieved this message from+07763627394
    Is there any way that this can be reported as fraud? I would also be interested to know how they got my mobile number as i’m very careful with allowing my details being shared with third parties.

  • Lizax

    Another number for you – 07415112677

  • Ron

    I regularly receive text messages concerning the “accident” and others concerning being sold “insurance”. Both are from reputable companies – not scammers – but both are illegal according to UK law. However, finding these people is another matter. The Information Commissioner’s Office is taking action to prevent these companies continuing this irritating business, but it will probably take years before it is implemented.

  • Guest

    I’ve received the one about a personal injury claim as well, but also received a text about being mis-sold insurance protection – I’ve texted stop a few times, but they kept coming, so texted `claim` and then asked to speak to a manager when they returned my call. Apparently it was a firm called Money Return Ltd, I asked about the PI text messages and was told they sent a lot of different text messages out including ones relating to PI. Told them it was tantamount to harrassment when I had already asked them to stop and they promised me to remove my details from their system. Customer service telephone number is 01254 685630.

  • Andrew Thompson

    Another one for the list: +447979292369
    FREEMSG: Our records indicate you may be entitled to £3750 for the accident you had. To apply free reply CLAIM to this message. To opt out text STOP.

  • Attishu

    Latest number +44776362701

  • Df

    078580508 is another number, got one at 12:13 on the 16th October 2011

  • Luxrama


  • Inoxio

    FREEMSG: Our records indicate you may be entitled to 3750 pounds for the
    accident you had. To claim for free reply with YES to this msg. To opt
    out text STOP. from : 07428898117

  • William Wilks

    ANOTHER NUMBER TO ADD +447763629264

  • Volpone

    Mine was from 07414591284… And honestly I got afraid, since just half an hour before I received the message I was sent a letter saying that I was under an investigation because I had not a TV licence payed… I do not even got a TV, and my phone is in my hands since a month or so… I am an Erasmus student in Scotland, tha’s why I got so nervous… These kind of things in another country make people feel desperate, in my opinion… Can’t imagine how many students as me are paying these things…

  • Guest

    Free Msg: Our records indicate, blah blah blah. I usually just send an obscene text message back or tell them I’ve reported them to ofcom etc and have never been charged

  • Myles12

    i just got exactly the same thing.. lols i have been hit by a car, so thought wtf….. but it was years ago and my phone isnt under my name so straight away i thought it was a lil dodgy :) 

  • W00kie

    +447402755647 same message

  • Injury Compensation

    These types of scam are very strange as before opening any message we don’t know that our personal information is leaked or hacked.You should always be aware of these types of situations because sometimes this create lots of problems for you in future.

  • Patmacrae

    My message was: URGENT! Our records indicate that you may be entitled to £2750 for the accident you had. To apply for free reply YES to this message. To opt out text STOP. Sender: +447873561285

    No, I haven’t had an accident since I fell down a cliff about a year ago, for which I could blame no-one but myself! 
    Thanks for confirming that this is a scam. Evilevilevil.

  • Inners2000

    +447864891135 another one to add to the list

  • Anonfromuk

    They illegally send out spam text messages regarding personal injury claims in order to data mine.
    They then sell the leads to companies like CONSUMER CLAIMS LTD who then contact people to get the details.
    They in turn sell the information to SOLICITORS.
    They send spam text to any phone including TPS registered. This is breaking EC Privacy laws

    Here are the directors details.

    companycheck co uk list number as 07788818979

    Mr. Gerald Epstein
    2 Parklands
    Devisdale Road
    Bowden Cheshire
    WA14 2AT
    Mr. Mark Philips Simkins simpkins
    Tel 01625 524320

    Mr. Richard Barlow
    21 Elmwood Lodge
    Parkfield Road South
    M20 6BD

    Mr. Timothy Andrew Berry
    The Coach House
    Lodge Lane
    WA4 4HP

    Some numbers they use but this is not all by any means


    Some of these con men are directors of many companies registered at the same address.
    Timothy Andrew Berry seems to be thre ring leader.

    LeadX Limited
    Lynnfield House
    Church Street
    WA14 4DZ

  • guest

    Hi, I just got the same text from  07427766520, just to warn others.

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel


  • Yvette

    having responded by  STOP  - what do I do next to make sure they dont use all my money on my pay as you go phone?   Help please

  • Guest

    I have got it from +447908611737

    • Kathir ‘Sid’ Vel


  • Funnellr

    Accident spam text received today from 00447867397432. Have reported to Ofcom, Vodafone and phonepayplus.

  • Anthony

    They are back.  At least, back to accident claims after months of PPI related spam texts.  Received on a TPS registered phone today from +447501062468 / 07501062468

    “URGENT: We have been trying to contact you regards your recent accident; you could be due up to £5,100 in compensation. Reply CLAIM for info, STOP to opt out.”

  • Arxidia

    Got the same message from 07707224763. Please add 07707224763 to the list. 

  • Ray Cooke

    new number and new Accident value only £3350 for my accident
    +44 7544 515825

  • Garbagedisco

    07926854594 another for the list