Client Testimonials

Sid and his team grasp the vision of your business and build bespoke technologies to support our digital requirements and business growth. They deliver no matter how complex the task might be.

Lorne Blyth, Flavours Holidays

Sid carried out a full review and within a few working days I had a clear proposal on what could be done and how much it would cost. We went ahead with this work and I am absolutely delighted with the results.

Chris Wood, Ruff-It Dog Supplies

Sid and his team have been exceptional. They have taken the time to get to know our brand to further develop and enhance our online presence and always with good humour and patience.

Rhonda Christie, Chimney Products Direct

Sid grasped my website idea within one phone call and from that initial contact to the final website launch… have been unbelievably professional, dedicated and a dream to work with.

Neil Buckley-Jensen, Little Tree Furniture

Sid and his team are very helpful, professional and personable, and we would have no hesitation recommending them.

Kirsty Nairn, TC Young Solicitors

The work that Sid and his team at have done has increased my company’s profile on the internet. As a result we have secured more work and become more productive.

Graham Rudd, Invasive Weeds Agency

With lots of hard work and vision, Sid and his team have taken us from non-existent web presence to page one. They have made our practice very visible.

Neeraj Puri, Integrated Dentalcare & Inverleith Dentalcare

I contacted Sid on the recommendation of a mutual acquaintance as I had what appeared to be a catastrophic problem with my Magento database. I was left with a corrupt database that wouldn’t restore from any backup. Although not in the market for a full solution, I made it clear I would be willing to pay for a few hours consultation, if he could point me in the right direction. He asked me to call him, which I did and we had an eighteen minute chat during which I became convinced of his knowledge and professionalism. He has pointed me (hopefully, but more than likely) in the right direction and left me feeling much more hopeful that I will be able to successfully repopulate the database. Although I do like to do most or all of my web development myself, if I ever have need to outsource, Sid will be the first person I call.

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