Currys’ Price Match Promise – An Inventive UX Feature

Let’s say you are looking at a product on the Currys website.

You wish to read reviews about this product or want to compare prices and availability from other retailers around the web. What would you do? Copy the product’s name and paste it into a Google search tab?

Now, imagine seeing the following message when you press the Ctrl + C keys or the Copy option in the context menu.

Currys Price Match Promise Product Name Copy Message

We’ll match our competitor’s price.
Remember, if you can find this item cheaper elsewhere, we’ll match our competitor’s price – even after you bought from us.

Isn’t that brilliant? The moment you copy the product’s name, they know that the chances of getting your order is very slim. Currys can’t stop you from leaving their website. But they sure can try to persuade you to buy from them through this gentle reminder of their Price Match Promise.

Technically, the message is non-invasive. It doesn’t throw up a JavaScript based Alert box. The colour and size of the container are subtle, but the message is strong.

This surely is a creative user experience feature by a retailer who competes against the retail giant Amazon.


One response to “Currys’ Price Match Promise – An Inventive UX Feature”

  1. Now I have an idea for my e-commerce site. :D Will surely include this brilliant feature.