How To Write A Mission Statement In 4 Easy Steps

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The mission or vision statement should be the beacon that guides your business. It should communicate to customers, employees, and other stakeholders what your business is about. The statement should be motivational and also display a shared sense of purpose.

We Shall Build Good Ships Here; At A Profit If We Can, At A Loss If We Must, But Always Good Ships.

Collis Potter Huntington

Unlike business objectives, mission statements are not usually quantified or time bound. They can be loosely defined, but are directional.

The statement should provide future direction, be believable, highlight customer benefit, and embody the challenge and reward.

Let’s Create Your Mission Statement

1. What is your business about?

Ask yourself, what are the needs of your customers that you are fulfilling? Focus on the benefits instead of the features. E.g. A holiday company could be in the business of fulfilling travel dreams. They sell holidays to specific locales. But the bigger picture is the dream fulfillment!

2. What are your business aspirations?

You might be tempted to use financial or market goals, instead look at it from your customers’ perspective. E.g. Our holidays offer rich experiences that our guests keep coming back every year.

3. Which words best describe your customers, products, and services?

Focus on, search for, and use the words that your customers relate with. Use ‘guests’, ‘diners’, ‘travellers’, etc. instead of ‘customers’. Use a strong adjective to describe the benefit – ‘rich’, ‘relaxing’, ‘breathtaking’, etc.

4. Piece them together

Try the following format to create a few variations of your mission statement:

The business you are in… that serves the type of customers or customer groups… the needs of the customers that you are fulfilling… what you are providing or doing to meet those needs.

Future / Credible / Outward / Unique

Involve your employees and al stakeholders when brainstorming a range of mission statement ideas. Pick the right one that ticks the four boxes: future, credible, outward, and unique.

Your Mission Statement

  • Communicate your mission statement often, and consistently.
  • Ensure that the businesses’ actions and your employees live up to it.
  • Whatever you do, DO NOT compromise your mission statement.