Start and Grow Your Own Consulting Business from Zero by Matthew Robson – Book Review

A Proven 7-Step Guide to Turn Your Expertise Into Income, Win Clients Fast and Develop a Mindset for Success

In his book “Start and Grow Your Consulting Business,” Matthew Robson presents invaluable insights for aspiring consultants. It’s less a manual and more a journey alongside an experienced guide, providing a pragmatic and in-depth perspective on the multifaceted nature of consulting.

Robson emphasises the power of personal narrative, encouraging consultants to leverage their unique stories and adversities as the foundation of their consulting identity. It’s not just about sharing experiences but framing them in a way that deeply resonates with clients.

The book delves into the art of niche mastery, stressing the importance of identifying strengths and tailoring value propositions to specific client needs. Robson suggests (might be controversial) pro bono work to build an initial portfolio and advocates for a deep understanding of client pain points to develop empathetic and effective solutions.

A recurring theme is a customer-centric approach, steering clear of the trap of competition obsession. Robson encourages consultants to focus on understanding and serving client needs, fostering an environment of innovation and genuine relationships.

Financial wisdom is a crucial aspect of the guide. Robson provides actionable advice on budgeting, financial planning, and avoiding common pitfalls. This section emphasises the importance of preparedness and prudence in the unpredictable consulting arena.

The journey of client acquisition and credibility building is explored, highlighting the significance of patience, consistent personal branding, and storytelling. Robson’s insights into proposal crafting are inspiring, advocating for a problem-solving approach that positions the consultant as an indispensable solution to client challenges.

Here are some key nuggets from the book:

  • Embrace your personal narrative as a cornerstone of your consulting brand.
  • Master your niche and tailor your value proposition to meet specific client needs.
  • Prioritise a customer-centric approach over competing with others in the field.
  • Equip yourself with financial wisdom to navigate the consulting landscape with confidence.
  • Build credibility through patience, consistent branding, and authentic storytelling.
  • Craft proposals that solve problems, positioning yourself as the bridge to the client’s success.
  • Let your brand reflect your unique journey, values, and the solutions you provide.

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