Twitter Spam : Really horrible blog about you, might want to read this…

Sitting in my inbox today was an email from a friend on Twitter. The direct message read, “Really horrible blog about you, might want to read this…“.

Twitter Spam Direct Message

I am aware of emails that go out to people with a very tempting statement and then request that they click a link to read about it. Even though I am aware of such practices, I was tempted to click this link. I do blog from time to time and the fact that someone might be saying horrible things about me was quite shocking. I was very tempted to click the link. However, I decided to go into Twitter and check out my friend’s wall. The friend had posted a status where she mentioned that someone had hacked her account and sent these nasty messages. What a relief! I was so close to clicking on the link.

Updates – Similar Messages:

  • Hey guess what? i got to test and keep an iPhone 4S this rocks u should get one!
  • Bad blog going around about you, have you read it yet?
  • Someone is posting a pic of you all over Twitter

Spam! Delete and disregard it.